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Cynosure Industries is the leading innovator in indoor air sanitization and purification products that results in healthier, more productive indoor environments in institutional, commercial, residential and industrial applications. The Cynosure Air Ionization System (CAIS) uses highly efficient bipolar ionization technology to kill harmful airborne viruses and neutralizes indoor air pollutants.


Major Views

Team Cynosure has Designed, Developed and Manufactured the Cynosure Air Ionization System (CAIS) that Deactivates 99.98% of Germs including Virus, Bacteria and Fungus in an Indoor Environment

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Our Aims

1. Certified and Tested at NABL Accredited Lab on Reduction of Virus Load.
2. Tested at Public Domain for Reduction of Fungal Load.
3. Air Ion Tester indicates Discharge of Bipolar Ionization.
4. Pollution Monitoring Tester Indicates Reduction of Pollutants.

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